Goodbye Banner Ads

Update 12/31/2011: I brought the banner ads back. this time, it’s google adsense! :) will test out adsense ads this year (2012) :)

Today, is the first day I’ll ever publish a post after three months and the first day you’ll never see any banner ads on the site. (except from the one on the header which links to a blog post)

well, if you’re wondering why I removed all the banner ads here (even the advertise page), the quick answer to that is because I do not make money from them and I think they only slow down the site. :D


  1. Hi Elie,

    Sounds like a good idea. Remove whatever that doesn’t help you make money, and keep everything else. But, we should also be testing new things (things we’re not sure if works or not).


  2. The banner ads on my sites makes me money but still i want to remove them already and move on to a different monetization model. One day I’ll have the guts to do it. ;-)

  3. Jessica says:

    Text ads are more effective to banner ads. According to a study on banner blindness, among web users, 63% of banner ads were not seen.

    Have you noticed on facebook that people don’t normally click on the ads on the right column? I saw a similar trend on a former client’s heatmap tracking on clicks, most visitors just do not click on the banners on the right column of the site even if they are not advertisements.

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