How to Get paypal verified using smart money card

this post is written by jordan29dula from neobux forum. I posted the article here just in case it got lost in the forums. it might help anyone who is having trouble on verifying their Paypal accounts using a Smart money card

if you want to learn more ways on how to get paypal verified here on the philippines, you can check out my post – “how to get paypal verified for filipinos

actually meron ng topic bout this, i just want to make it more clearer…

Step 1
Go to Smart Wireless Center to get a SMcard, the card cost P30, but if you are enrolled under loyalty program there will be P200 fee annually.
Then wait wait for several days until your card was made.

Step 2
Get your card.
there are 2 options in getting ur card
1.) Smart will deliver ur card to ur address
2.) You will get ur card in the Smart Wireless Center where you applied for d card.
if ur option is no. 2, and if the card is already made, a customer service will call you to inform you that you can now get ur card at the Smart wireless center.

Step 3
Deposit money to ur card
The minimum deposit is P500
dati pwedeng mag deposit sa Smart Wireless Center, pero ngaun sa BDO na nagdedeposit ng pera, i just don’t know kung sa ibang Smart wireless center kung ganun din

Step 4
Activate ur card
activate ur card using ur smart menu

step 5
kung walang internet trxn ung ssmart menu nio,
just type on ur mobile phone
and send to 343, this is to update ur samrt menu

step 6
go to smart menu
then go to internet trxn
then unlock

Step 7
add ur card to ur paypal account
(after this transaction, ur SMcard will be locked again for internet trxns)
(you will be needing $1 for adding ur card to ur paypal account)

Step 8
(u have to unlock again ur internet trnxs)
and then then click link and confirm dun sa paypal niyo.
(you will be needing $2 for linking and confirming ur card but $1.95 will be given back to you for about 2 days)

meron kayong mare-receive na txt msg na may EXPUSE, ung 4-digit no. na ita-type nio sa paypal.

then tapus na, verified na kayo!

just add some infos if me nalagpasan akong step! hehehe


  1. Hi Elie, this seems to work only with latest Smart Money series which start with 5299. Mine’s 5577 seems can’t be use to verify as Credit Card to my paypal. I’m really having an headache now.

    Anyway, I will apply for new Smartmoney but too bad I have to buy a SIM card.

  2. bro, thanks for adding more info. tell us how it goes and if it worked! :)

    I’m planning to get a smart money card for my wife as well.

  3. I already bought a new SIM and activated my smart money. I now have have a new smart money number starting with 5299 :) the next thing I will do is to go to smart wireless center and file for card application. btw, requirements are photocopy of id with 3 signatures somewhere in blank area, P30 and the application form. you’ll have it in two or three weeks, as i remember.

    btw, there’s also an instant card for smart money which you can have right away but it doesn’t have an engraved of your name on it. you will only have it once it expires after two years.

  4. meron din b dpat na required cellphone pra makakuha ng smart money?

  5. i was a paypal and smartmoney user.. Yeah, my paypal was verified with smartmoney yet my transactoins were limited since they recommend a debit/credit card. Any idea how to deal with this using smarrt money only??

    • correct me if I’m wrong but I think smart money’s already a debit card? have you tried upgrading to a personal pro account??

      anyway, ian of is really the master on all this, let’s just hope he reads your comment. lol.

      ang alam ko ksi, pag verified ka na, mawawala narin ung mga limits mo. btw, anu nga palang limit nung account mo? could you give us more details please? thanks.

    • elie’s right. smartmoney is already a debit card so you can directly use it to transact instead of transferring account from smartmoney to your paypal account. as to limited case, try emailing the support tech of paypal i got mine verified in minutes.

      @elie master talaga? etong post mo nga rin naging source ko hehe..

  6. i havent unlocked it fir internet txns… lol..

  7. anonymous says:

    I just added my Smart Money account 2 hours ago, but I still haven’t received a text with the Paypal code. How long after the verification do I get the text with the code?

    Hope someone answers this. :)

  8. bakit ung sa akin ayaw kailangan ba ung smartmoney ko start ung number sa 52 hindi sa 5577.

    lagi kasi ito ang lumalabas eh.. The Credit Card Verification System used by PayPal is currently unavailable. Please try to add your credit card at a later time. We apologize for this inconvenience.

  9. QUICK MONEY says:

    got it.. there are more infos regarding this at


  10. Marlon Botigan says:

    hindi ko ma verify yung smart money ko sa paypal why??
    ginawa ko naman lahat ……

  11. Chester imperial says:

    Can i withdraw my paypal money using smartmoney after i verified it?

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