How to Get Motivated – Video

if you’re like me, there will come this ‘moment’ where you’ll just feel like giving up, play video games all day or hang out on those social media sites like facebook which on the other hand is not helping you achieve the single most important part of your life’s success – Your Goals.

it’s not like I’m against all these but let’s face the fact that it’s not helping you achieve the dot com dream you’ve ever wanted. the same also applies to your goals like losing weight, Working out, getting a girlfriend, making money, you name it!

That’s why I decided to share with you two handy videos that really help me out every time I feel down and lose track of getting to my goals. I can’t say that I’m a ‘personal development’ expert but if you feel ‘unmotivated’ today, I hope this short little guide would help you out.

the first video is a step by step guide about goal setting, getting motivated and Achieving your goals. the second video however is an inspirational one which focus more on getting you motivated to reach your goals.

Get motivated Video number 1

Get motivated Video number 2


  1. Yeah I totally understand. The second video is Nick Vujivic, a man who was born without limbs, except for a foot. Yet, despite his background, he lives and leads a very fulfilling life, and truly, lives life. Better than many. Motivating. Actually, I did put up a video on him before too. Brings tears to my eyes too. =)



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