Who Else Wants To Get A Job Online?

Who else wants to get a job online? Update 1/3/2012: This just got funny. My wife got pissed after finding out I’ve posted one of our “money making secrets” lol.  She even asked me to delete this post and never publish the follow up post and suggested we make an ebook or a membership site for this. *lol  in the end, I just told her to stop whining and just leave a comment below. >:D

there you go, This post must be really valuable! I hope this will be useful to you. the original article is written below.

if you’re one of those ‘Job-less guys’ or ‘guys who got jobs, but looking for other source of income’ then, I have a very cool solution for you. Why not try to get a job online?

  • it’s very easy to start
  • you don’t need any Money to start
  • you get to decide and choose whenever you want to work
  • you get to work and make money any place (where there’s internet and computer of course!)
  • And, my personal favorite: Elementary, High school and College degree; all those stuff  – DOES NOT MATTER HERE. if you can read, write, use computer mouse, then you’re all good to go.
  • And seeing that you’re currently reading this blog post of mine, I assume you’ve got all the proper requirements needed. (you know how to read and use the internet! that’s cool. you’re in.)

Although Having an ‘online job’ isn’t the most ideal way to make money using the internet, (frankly it sounds like slavery to my ears) it’s still one great way to make good income online. Many average Joes already went this route and I’ve surely seen lots of them making about $2,000 a month doing this. All thanks to one website, working at home had never been so much easier.

The Easiest Way to Find and Get a Job Online

To get a job you must first learn how to find one and I couldn’t think of a better way to do this other than signing up on Odesk dot com. Odesk is a place where you can outsource freelancers, find and work at home at the same time. The site could be a little ‘techie’ at your first visit but do not worry though as you’ll get a hang of it as soon as you get familiarized on the environment.

You can find a job by browsing through their various job postings based on different categories. of course, you’re going to need an account before you can apply to the job postings.

Get a Job online - OdeskI’ve been registered to the site since 2009. However, it was only this year (2011) that I’ve been active on the site and actually using it as a way to make money online. this one’s hard to believe and sounds a little bit hype but I managed to make more than $100 in three days doing this. here’s a link to my profile. there, you can see all my recent completed jobs and the money I made from those jobs. (I think you won’t be able to see it unless you’re logged in so I’ll post the most recent screenshot of my earnings just in case.)

on the screenshot above, just below “work history and feed backs” I have a job entitled “SEO expert with proven history to get *page one rankings*” it is recorded that I’ve started the job since April 2011 – Present. (i’m currently writing this post in december 31st) it also says that I’ve currently made $3,673.33 so far. I’ve been with my “emloyer” (the person who hired me) for 8 months or 735 Hours of work overall.

if we do a little math, and divide all my income to 8 and the number of hours I’ve been working we’ll get… (I’m not too good with math btw; but that’s what the computer calculator is for =D)

  • $3,673.33 / 8 = $459 (this is what I am making out of this so far)
  • and 735 / 8 = 91.8 (this is the number of hours I work EACH MONTH to make $450+)
  • 91.8 / 4 = 22.9 ( this is the number of average hours I work PER WEEK to make $450)
  • 22.9 / 7 = 3.2! (this is the number of hours I work PER DAY to make $450+)

This means, I get an additional $459 worth of *extra income* each month by putting in only 3 HOURS OF MY TIME EVERYDAY. Some of you who may be reading this might say that this sound a little low, but here in my country, this is already alot of money and the number of hours work aint that bad either. here in the Philippines, the average job rate is around $300/month. that is of course, if you’ll be going to an office and WORK 8 HOURS A DAY or 40 hours a week.

if you’re current situation is like this, then it is clear that Freelancing or an odesk job might be a good option for you. which is the purpose of this post. to give *you* an option. :)

of course, I can never make any guarantees that you’ll make the same amount of money I made. in some cases, you’ll make way more than what I’ve earned or you’ll probably make ZERO. However, I’ll make this very easy for you by giving you a step by step instruction based on my experience on how I got a job online using odesk.


Comming soon – =D

sorry about this. This post is getting long… I’ll publish this as soon as I can (the easiest way to get an odesk job). in the meantime, you can post something on the comment section below and I will notify you once the post is complete.

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  1. Well I have been hearing Odesk for quite some time now, still haven’t started it yet since I’ve heard other Odesk users that the competition there is very fierce and you can’t barely find a job if you don’t have exemplary skills to your employer.

    • That’s what’ll be talking about on my next.odesk post. :-) i.will share with you my strategy on how to get easily hired in odesk based on my own experience.

      Stay tuned! =)

  2. Wow, that would be great! Can’t wait to read those tips. I have read you’re profile and quite amaze on your accomplishments. Keep it up

    • Thank you for your feedback. It feels good to see my post still getting read after months of being inactive. I will notify u once that post is published. :-)

  3. I am proud at how you are doing so far in odesk elie! many providers wants your services. as I see the number of “interview requests” you get each week. However, you are very faithful to your current employer! you never accept any other contract other than the only one you have now. REMEMbER: don’t put your eggs in one basket. :))

    -hani a.k.a wifey :))

    -Edited 1/4/2011 via grammar correction request coming from ‘wifey’. lol.

  4. I just started out my online freelancing career at Odesk, apart from my 8-5 job. The bidding system, however, frustrates me. Charge too much and you won’t get hired. Charge too little and you’ll get burned out quickly.

    • where are you from? what jobs are you bidding on? what is the cost of living there? I’m asking cause, here in the philippines the cost of living is little.with $2, you already have enough food for the whole day (if you’re living alone that is)

      that’s why it is not surprising to me why I often see $2 bids (sometimes, smaller than that) on that site. you get the same service at a lower price – this is what ‘most’ employers are looking for.

      of course, This raises the eyebrow of some. especially those that lives on the UK and US.

      anyway, my guide will be almost ready. I will post it soon hopefully it can help. :)

  5. test

  6. Hi nice post…I wanna ask how to get a starting job if the projects to show on profile are not sufficient…I mean basically how to start with the first project on freelancing as i have just worked for one year in a couple of software companies..?

  7. ASALAM-O-ALIKUM i wants to do work online.how i can get easy way for this job?


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