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Extra cash online can easily be generated using your computer at home, but it pays to be shrewd about how you do it. Be clever and find a way to do your work once and get paid on a royalty basis each and every month. Rates are extremely low online if you are going to swap your time for money and only get paid once, and you’ll quickly get bored with it and feel ripped off.

Building up your keys to abundance, with an ever increasing amount of cash from online ventures, will require you to begin setting up some projects. The best way to do this is to start a blog and add monetization to it. Perhaps the easiest way in the beginning is to use the Google Adsense program. You need to do two things: build up a useful and interesting blog, and then get visitors to your blog. Google will serve ads on your site and they will be related closely to your blog content. So if you wrote about how you lost a hundred pounds in weight, with dieting and exercise tips and advice, the ads would likely be to other sites offering weight loss and exercise products. You will get paid a royalty every time a visitor to your site clicks through to the advertiser’s site. To increase your income you need to increase the size of your blog and increase the number of people visiting.

To make extra cash online, the real keys – your keys to abundance – are the visitors who come to your blog. It is not enough that you get lots of people arriving to read your site. They must have come from the search engines if you are to make any money. The search engine visitors are the ones who actually want to buy something. If you are getting social visitors or friends, they will just want to read your site and hang out, and you will not make any extra bucks from that.

Increasing your number of search engine visitors – and therefore earning more money – is easy as long as you follow a few simple rules as laid out by The Keyword Academy:

1. Always pick great keywords which are related to your blog’s topic
2. Build the blog, and make sure it is about a subject that excites you
3. Aim to write good quality, interesting posts, especially ones with a personal perspective
4. Market your blog far and wide so that people know about it
5. Keep on going, writing new posts for your site and promoting it

Just following these easy rules is all it takes to begin cutting your own keys to abundance. It will take time to get there and you need to realise that, and not give up before you reach your goal. To read more about picking suitable keywords, see my Keyword Academy review.


  1. absolutely true. you have to be creative in order to be noticed. what is important is that you really have knowledge and great ideas to write and how to make it exciting to read. great post.

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