Finding A Business Name That Helps Your Marketing Efforts

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A strong name for your business makes the difference between having a name that actually establishes you as a competitive brand and one that leaves potential customers uninterested in the products or services that your offering. You put way too much time, effort and money into your business to choose a name that doesn’t actively help you increase your bottom line. Fortunately if you’re just starting a new business, you have tools that help you find compelling business names online, and the best part is that they are free to use.

First of all do a search for random catchy name generators, which automatically combine words, often in a niche that you specify, in ways that might never have occurred to you through simple brainstorming techniques. if some of the results that you get are silly or unusable, remember that all it takes is one name of real quality to put you on the right footing as a brand.

You have another resource in friends and relatives who have a way with words to help you come up with a short one- to three-word phrase that not only describes your business succinctly but also will turn heads when it’s put on a sign outside your place of business or when people pass by your website on the Internet.

An extremely important thing to remember these days is to choose a business name but will help you be found in the search engines. You don’t have to hire an expensive search engine optimization expert necessarily, just remember that to include one or two terms that actually describe your business right in the domain name that you choose. It may sound obvious but sometimes we are drawn to names that are abstract rather than descriptive: “Joe’s tree sculpture” is a really imaginative name for a tree trimming business. The problem is that no one looking for tree trimmers is likely to type “tree sculpture” into a search engine, and this makes it hard to help the search engine find your online.

If you’re starting a new business, you can’t wait to establish yourself and attract customers, and actually turn your ideas into money. Coming up with a catchy name for your business is a critical early step however; make sure that you don’t compromise your business by not choosing the best name you can possibly create.


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    I agree about coming up with a catchy name can be a huge difference maker in having a successful business.

    Including the keywords related to your site in the domain name certainly does wonders for search engine optimization.

    Love the post. Keep up the good work.

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