Facebook Movie: The Social Network out on october

‘the social network’ is a movie that I am certainly looking out for this 2010. it’s a story behind the most popular social media site to date – Facebook. I am a Big fan of facebook not only as a social networking site but also as how it was created as well. How facebook was founded and created is not so much of a mystery to anyone anymore since we can just go to wikipedia to learn how facebook was founded.

however, What’s very intriguing about it is the fact that How Mark Zuckerberg Created facebook. how did he handle the ‘privacy issues’ and all those sorts of stuffs. and even better – how did he manage to have 22,000 Visitors on the first hour his website was Live online for the very first time?

Mark Zuckerberg is also best known as The youngest Billionaire in the world by having a net worth of US$4 billion dollars at a very young age of 26. that’s a lot of money for a 26 year old bachelor. quite frankly, I wish he would read this post and give me atleast $1 million dollars! =D

you can preview the trailer below

if you want more information about Mark Zuckerberg, how he founded facebook and all those kinds of stuffs – check here. if you want to learn more about the movie and visit other trailers, go to www.500millionfriends.com

Judging from the trailer above, it looks like a Dramatic type of movie with a little funny twist but I guess I’d have to watch it to know for myself. :-)

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