1. I really like your new version. Well, I enjoyed your old one as well. But I think that the new version is easier to navigate (the look and feel of the blog). What I enjoy the most is the 3173 comments on the blog posts (that’s an awesome marketing tactic and motivation) :)

  2. Hi, Elie!

    Whoa – I can’t believe you’re the only one who did all these stuff! I thought you hired a big time css programmer thingy since the changes are totally sweet! :-) I love them!

    The 2.0 blog is also a lot cleaner than the usual. Hope you do get a lot motivated than before.

    Cheers and God bless!
    More success to you and your blog! (I might as well follow my daily horoscope. Who knows? =D)

    • I can’t say that I should trust my horoscope nowadays since according to a guy named Parke Kunkle, I’m now an Ophiucus. lol. anyway, thanks for your compliments.

  3. you shouldn’t have changed your banner at the top, the previous is a lot sleeker.

  4. I thought you were going to be using a new theme but the redesign looks nice. I think this version is much more sleeker. I miss the old logo, though.

  5. So were you inspired with my recent redesign to decide to redesign your blog as well? lol, just joking. Anyway, this looks sleek I would say and I think you’ve done a good job of tweaking UBT theme since the default setup for that is kinda boring.

    hahah, and the 3173 is the most innovative idea ever. ;-)

    • yeah, that sort of been one of the main reason. everyone seems to had been changing blog themes. lol. thanks for posting a comment! I agree. The default set up of UBT is what you do not want your blog theme to look like. but UBT is very easy to customize so it’s still a great theme to use for a blog.

  6. You gave me an idea to utilize the nofollow tag in my home page. Thanks.

  7. nice shot.


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