elie palima dot com got a google page rank 3!

I visited my website earlier to see what’s happening and I took a glimpse at my Google toolbar and noticed the “green stuff” and discovered..

the site just got a google PR 3 today! :P

you can check a site’s google pagerank by downloading and installing google toolbar on your firefox browser as an add-on (I’m not sure if it works with other browsers)

I can’t explain how happy I am right now.. anyways, Pagerank 3 with just three months of work is a Big accomplishment for me. and a great gift to start a fresh new year of 2010.

I didn’t know exactly “know” how I got the pagerank but..

here are the stuffs I did that *I think* had some effects on my page rank:

  • Linked to bloggers related on my niche
  • bookmarked every post I make to digg, reddit, stumbleupon, delicious..
  • twitted all posts I made.
  • Commented on blogs and get a link back.

if you know about page rank and your reading this post, it’ll be great if you can share your knowledge about Pagerank by commenting below.. ;)


  1. Congrats on the page rank! Now you just need to continue to hold the pagerank or even improve it. I wish you the best of luck.

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