Useful Android App That Will Help You Make And Manage Your Money

a few weeks ago I recently Got an Android phone. it’s a Samsung Galaxy W (GT-i8150) and is also the first smartphone I ever own. I bought it as a gift for myself on my birthday. Before I ever own this phone, I was totally an ‘anti-cellphone use guy’.  lol.

before, I believed that cellphones were all just a huge waste of my money and of no use to me. (not to mention, I’m a maried guy with two kids, working from home, WITH NO SOCIAL LIFE whatsoever.) =D

but these smart phones – ANDROID phones changed my perceptions. there are these stuffs called ‘apps’ that can be downloaded from the marketplace and they are so much fun that my kids enjoy them as well. =D

Not only that they can be fun, there are applications as well that are very useful and can help you make and manage your money and increase your productivity. and this is the reason I’m writing about this. to share with you a useful android app that can help you with your online business.

Useful Android App That Will Help You Make and Manage Money

1. EasyMoney

EasyMoney is easily the best expense tracker and budget planner app for Android. This best selling Android finance app helps you track your expenses and stick to your budget quickly and easily using a simple yet powerful user interface designed specifically for the Android smartphone.

EasyMoney includes an
  1. expense tracker
  2. a budget planner
  3. a checkbook manager
  4. bills reminder
all combined into one tightly integrated Android application for all your personal finance management needs. To simply put, this is the best way to manage your money on the go. with this app, I’m able to record all my expenses and income all in one place. because of the bill reminder feature, I never have problems on paing my bills. And because I am able to track where my money is going/coming, I’m able to make more. this is a highly recommended app for sure. :)

See EasyMoney Android app in action here:

How about you? what is your favorite android app? (favorite-money-making-useful android app that is…) :) please share on the comment area below.


  1. hi elie, personally I find skype and dropbox useful. With the skype app, I can make free calls to my clients anywhere I am. with drop box, I have access to my files anywhere I am! :) and take note of the words; “anywhere I am” :D I guess that’s one of the advantage of having a smartphone. welcome back btw.

  2. Glad you are now a android fan. I took along with me my rooted Galaxy Y. Though it has limitations but the point is there are a lot of various android apps that will make your life easier.


  1. […] almost all year due to money-making reasons. but nothing has kept me busier than ever other than my new android phone. I got so much addicted to it there are also times where I would stay up all night just by playing […]

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