Deleting inactive subscribers is not a bad idea

I have this habit of checking my aweber account occasionally for inactive subscribers.

inactive subscribers are subcribers who opted in your list and don’t even bother opening your messages. and it’s not a bad idea to delete them for these 3 main reasons:

1. they “may” mark your messages as Spam

if a subscriber has been subscribed to your list for too long and does not even bother to open your messages, there’s a big chance that they will forget who you are and mark your message as “spam”

2. they are invaluable to you

as much as I hate to call them junk, that’s really the first thing that comes to my mind. people who don’t read your messages at all proves to be invaluable to you so you might as well delete them from your mailing list.

3. They cost you money

this one is probably the best reason why you should delete them. you probably heard about aweber’s monthly fee. They are charging an extra $10 if you reach more than 500 subscribers, $30 for more than 2500 and so on..

today, I’ve deleted hundreds of my Aweber subscribers and was very happy while doing it. simply because of those three reasons above. :-)

if you’re also in this situation, I advice you to do the same thing. DELETE ALL THOSE INACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS as well.

How To Delete inactive Aweber subscribers

1. inside your aweber account, go to the “search page” under the “subscribers” tab

aweber search page

2. Click on “select field” drop down menu

select field on aweber account

and choose “no opens”

aweber no opens3. Click on the 3rd field to the right (the date field) and wait for a small window to popup. This window will allow you to search all the subscribers who haven’t opened a single message from you Since that date, so if you’re looking for subscribers who haven’t opened a message for 30 days, all you’ll have to do is do these steps.

4. Click the search  button, then scroll down to see the list of subscribers who haven’t opened your messages since the date you chose.Search

5.  To delete these subscribers, check the Erase box in the upper right of the list of subscribers to mark them all to be deleted, then click save (located under the check boxes)  to remove them from your list permanently.

6. If you have multiple pages of subscribers, you can repeat this process to remove them all.

Quantity vs Quality

all in all, it’s not the size of your email list that matters. it’s the QUALITY that counts. if I were you, I would get rid of those inactive subscribers right away. and build a more healthy and active Subscriber base.


  1. Great post. I totally agree. its just waste of time and money(paying for more subscribers if you use aweber) to keep inactive subscribers.
    Instead, focus more of your effort towards satisfying and keeping the active subs, active for longer. Thanks.

    • you’re right bro! it’s not all about building a *huge* mailing list, it’s also about keeping them ACTIVE from reading your emails. on that note, your emails should not *always* be about ‘sales letters’ (like the mailing lists I’m currently subscribed today) your emails should also be more about contents that actually provides value to people.

      btw, thanks for the visit! :-)

  2. Thanks for the awesome post, Elie. You’re right — Quality counts more than quantity .

    Do you have any suggestion for the ‘point’ when a blogger/site owner should delete a certain email address from his/her mailing list? (3-4 mails not opened…etc?)

    \\just a suggestion\\ \\ delete this part of the comment\\\ (pop-up domination)
    *p.s. at the bottom of the post, can you add the line: ‘Triple your mailing opt-ins and get Quality mailing subscriptions INSTANTLY with this sleek and gorgeous WordPress plugin (now works with all non-Wordpress sites!). The product that has *almost* quadrupled my opt-in rates. Click here’

    I was just wondering why that didn’t appear. If that link was there, I would have bought the Pop-up domination from your site. :-)

    Cheers and Happy New year, Elie!
    – Ja

    • hey, Thanks for the tip! :-)

      I really don’t have any idea why you suggested something like that but I think you’re referring to one of my ninja links generated by my ninja affiliate plugin. (it’s a plugin that automatically makes my post’s keywords as affiliate links, so every time I or you, (as blog commenter) mention twitter, ‘popup’ or any other more sites I promote like aweber, a link would appear.)

      but I really appreciate your suggestion though, it’s a really good idea. Thanks! :-)

      regarding your question, if a subscriber never opens your emails for 3-4 times, That’s a good indication that you should get rid of him.

      but sometimes it’s a different story… sometimes the problem could be because of *you* or how you send your emails. if you keep sending them ‘sales letter’ and you never do provide value at all, then there’s a chance that that’s one of the reason why they’re not reading your emails at all and mark your messages to them ‘spam’.

  3. cikgufaezah says:

    Yap, i’m also doing that. Not only at aweber, but also at my blog and twitter.

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