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My page rank dropped from PR3 to PR1. there are several factor that ‘could‘ have affected this change. the recent panda update, my inactivity or probably google just doesn’t love my site any more. but one thing is for sure, I am still glad that I still have PR and most of my keywords are still on the same position where I left them. :)

Anyway, being an SEO geek as I am, I’ve kept on thinking about the factors that could have caused this. Until I’ve thought about my hosting ip. because I was on a shared hosting account, it’s possible that one of my ‘neighbors’ (websites who are on the same ip as mine) could have been doing some blackhat tactics that google frowns on. not to mention, porn sites, spam sites etc…

with that curiosity, I decided to check out this tool by You get signal. What this tool does is it will check your website’s ip address and show you the same sites that are hosted on the same ip as you. what’s great about their tool is that it will highlight the sites with explicit content. useful because you don’t have to visit them one by one. You should try the tool yourself and see if there are sites with explicit content hosted on the same ip as your site.

When Should You Get a Dedicated IP?

if you see that there are only 1-149 sites hosted at the same site as you, you’re still good to go. However, if you’ve seen over 150+ websites on the same as you, then you might ‘consider’ getting a dedicated ip for your website.

Take note that this is only a suggestion of mine. don’t take it seriously. :D I am just taking this as a personal opinion. there is no ‘official’ announcement by Google (or any other search engine providers) that hosting ip address affects SEO or your website in general. in most cases, being on a shared hosting account doesn’t affect you. so, you really have nothing to worry about if you’re hosted on a shared ip.

anyway, I did the research 3 days ago and after finding out that there are over 250 sites that I am sharing the ip with, (this includes 7 adult sites and 5 websites related to gambling)

I got interested in getting a dedicated ip for my site and change my website’s ip address for good.

website hosting and Dedicated IP address

My site Checked on You Got Signal Tool

How To Get A Dedicated Hosting IP Address

To get a dedicated ip, you can simply request one from your hosting provider. You would also need to get an SSL certificate for your domain. there are also alot of guides online that you can find that shows you how to do this.

in my case, my site is hosted on Hostgator so there were really no hassle. all i had to do was fill up some forms and they took care of the rest for me.

Dedicated Hosting IPs together with the SSL certificate ranges from $50-$100 a year. However, all thanks to hostgator’s Business plan, I was able to get these FOR FREE. All I had to do was upgrade my account from baby to the business plan.

if you’re deciding to get the business web hosting package, it costs $14.95 a month. However, you can get a $9.95 discount by applying the coupon code: ELIEPALIMA on your first purchase.

take note that this coupon can also be used on all hostgator packages so if you’re planning to get the hatchling or baby plan, you only pay $0.01 cents. However, This coupon code only works on new customers. if you’re upgrading, this won’t work for you and it’s not possible to apply a coupon when upgrading.

I’ve experienced using 3 different kinds of web hosting companies and Researched and compared he most popular ones. however, nothing goes close to the quality service and affordable prices that hostgator provides.

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