Cool new Video Intro for eLie palima dot com

Yesterday I shared with you a 10 minute video tutorial about creating cool video intros. after checking out the tutorial, I got very interested with video editing so I decided to play around with my sony vega and try it out for myself. here’s what I was able to come up with:

(unfortunately, I had also been able to come up with a “More Cooler,”? “More Stronger,” ‘More grammatical errors.’ – video kind of thing.) lol.

learning  to Create videos can be very fun and exciting. if you get too good at it, it can even make you money.


  1. WOW!

    I didn’t know that one ^_^

    I have Sony Vegas Pro in my laptop but I didn’t know that it was that powerful!

    I’ll be creating my intros now!

    Thanks Elie!

    *Seriously, I was going to stick with the “powerpoint intros” for my vlogs.*

    This saved me. ^_^

    I also left a comment at the other related post.

    Thanks again!!!!


    • that’s great. Show me when your intro is done. :-) be careful. it’s very addictive! lol.

      • Haha. Yeah I know. It is VERY addictive….. :))

        Don’t worry, I’ll show you the intro (and as well as the vlog) when I’m done.

        Thanks again!

        -I’ll place your link at the vlog, btw!

  2. I should check out your video tutorial one but as far as I know, you can edit some videos on VideoHive and make it as the video to introduce your website lol :)


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