Common mistakes of a neobux member

this is a Quote from the “neobux supreme handbook” that i’ll be giving out this month or the next.

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Here are common Mistakes Neobux Members makes.

Creating Multiple accounts

Do not create more than one account or else you will get caught. And that’s the FACT neobux is a Billion dollar company. And you have a 0.3% chance of not getting caught and permanently suspended.

Sharing the Same computer on one account

only One Account per computer is allowed to click advertisements. So if another person/family member clicks an ad on the same computer you are clicking with, both of you *might* be suspended.

checking accounts on the same computer is ok, as long as both of you don’t click ads.

Cashing out earnings too soon

one of the common mistakes I see made by me and members who I get to talk to is that they “cashed out” their earnings too soon and there will be nothing left to renew rented referrals.

A tip: Calculate and set a date on when you should do “cashouts”

Promoting stuffs at the forums or Pms


Not Visiting the Forums

one common mistake I made when first starting out on neobux is when I just click ads, but I did not visit the forums, What happened is I did not have the knowledge that it was HARD renting referrals as a golden member. And it turned out I go golden too soon with only 20 rented referrals. It took months before I built up 100 before..

so a good advise is visit the forum regularly to see if you’re making a good decision about Renting refs, Going golden, or buying a golden pack.

Tip: ask Experienced users for advise. And if you don’t like asking, you could always use the “search function” found on the forums to find similar topic regarding yours

Going Golden too soon

one of the mistake I made way back is that I got the golden membership too soon when I had only 20 rented referrals. I would always advise to get atleast 100-300 rented refs before going golden cause it’s hard to rent as a golden member..

But here’s a good news, THAT WAS BEFORE… I’ll teach you in the book How To Rent Referrals EASILY!!! ;)

Not Reading the TOS

read the TOS.. trust me, it’s worth the time and after all, it’s only a short read.. so please read it. And always OBEY what’s written on it.

Not reading Neobux FAQ.

You can see neobux FAQ, when you login to your account, and take a look at the upper right corner, you’ll see a Question mark, click on it and Read it and learn more about the frequently asked questions.

Recycling too much

Not Recyling is Better than recycling too much. Recycling too much only eats up your money. I would recommend recycling 5% of your referrals daily, that means if you have 100 referrals, recycle 5-10 of them everyday. And always Recycle The Right referrals.

Quitting too Early

this is in no doubt the biggest mistake most members make. you will not succeed in anything once you quit too early.


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