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Our Quest Inside The Enchanted Kingdom

Yesterday we decided to visit and experience the magic of the enchanted kingdom – the most popular amusement park in the Philippines. There’s no “make money online” or Internet marketing tip here. Sometimes, it’s good to have some personal touches on your site. The 5 minute video of us is below next:  

Goodbye Banner Ads

Update 12/31/2011: I brought the banner ads back. this time, it’s google adsense! :) will test out adsense ads this year (2012) :) Today, is the first day I’ll ever publish a post after three months and the first day you’ll never see any banner ads on the site. (except from the one on the header which links to a blog post)

I Get Searched in Google. (lol)

Ever since I’ve learned so much about WordPress and SEO, it has became one of my ‘hobbies’ to play around with google’s Keyword tool. I would often do a little keyword research for one of my minisites and blog posts. since I was bored and can’t think of anything to do, I decided to typeContinue Reading …

Facebook Movie: The Social Network out on october

‘the social network’ is a movie that I am certainly looking out for this 2010. it’s a story behind the most popular social media site to date – Facebook. I am a Big fan of facebook not only as a social networking site but also as how it was created as well. How facebook wasContinue Reading …

Common mistakes of a neobux member

this is a Quote from the “neobux supreme handbook” that i’ll be giving out this month or the next. Neobux is one of the best and easiest way to make money online today. I’d recommend you signing up for a neobux account and read my post earn extra income online with PTC site to getContinue Reading …

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