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What to do when your Guest Post Links Disappear?

This is a guest post submitted by Noah Mark Rodolfo. If you are an Internet marketer, you probably tried to guest post on other blogs to accumulate inbound links to your site. This strategy is called guest posting and it is one of the best method to increase your search engine popularity. The rules areContinue Reading …

Google Over Optimization Penalty: (My Thoughts and How To Avoid It!)

If you’re into  internet marketing, you had probably heard of all these recent talks about google over optimization penalties, de-indexing link networks, search engines focusing more on social signals and all those hooplas. This stuff gets serious especially if you’re an SEO guy. first, I would like to give my thoughts about Over optimization. There’sContinue Reading …

How To Get Your Picture Show Up Next To Google Search Results

Whenever you search for “elie palima” or any other search keywords related to my blog posts, you’ll notice that my picture and a link to my Google+ profile shows up next to it. if you want to do the same with your site, there’s a full instruction from Google that shows you how to doContinue Reading …

Replace UBT Related Posts with YARPP

How UBT shows the ‘related posts’ on the blog simply does not look good and does not go with my expectations. The default UBT related posts , only shows ‘related posts’ based on your post’s tags. to simply put, it will not display the “REAL” related posts on your site or based on the article you’ve just written; but just the one that has the same tags. Try wrting a blog post using UBT and don’t include tags; you’ll see what I mean!

When you say ‘related posts’ it should only show the ‘top posts’ that are related to what your primary post is about. the ultimate blogging theme is a great theme however it failed with this one.

Mr Zero: My Google PR Totally Dropped To Zero

After 2 years of having PR3, my Google PageRank officially dropped to 0. The factor that could have affected this drop is explained by Google engineer Matt Cutts on this blog post. if you want to know the reason why PageRank Drops and some of my ramblings, you are free to learn in this article.

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