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What is Fiverr And How You Can Make Money Online With it

What is fiverr? (fiverr logo)

The video below explains what Fiverr is in one minute and 39 seconds and how you can make money online using it. What is Fiverr? Besides the fact that fiverr is a way to make money online and is close to getting a job online, In a nutshell, fiverr is 2 things: Fiverr is aContinue Reading …

Useful Android App That Will Help You Make And Manage Your Money

a few weeks ago I recently Got an Android phone. it’s a Samsung Galaxy W (GT-i8150) and is also the first smartphone I ever own. I bought it as a gift for myself on my birthday. Before I ever own this phone, I was totally an ‘anti-cellphone use guy’.  lol. before, I believed that cellphonesContinue Reading …

OIO Publisher Review

why Use OIOpublisher?

if you’re into selling Private advertising on your blog, then the OIOpublisher plugin is what you need. OIO publisher is The most popular ad manager plugin for Wordpress – for good reasons. it’s very affordable, user-friendly, easy to install/upgrade and They offer 1st class support – Best Ad manager for Wordpress. (you can use it as a standalone too.) Big name Bloggers like John chow, Jonathan Volk and Tyler cruz had already written great reviews about their experience with oio. And I can’t see any reason why more and more blogs aren’t seen with this Plugin installed -it’s a very popular plugin.

Looking for web hosting? here’s a good guide

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How to make Cool Video intros

Update: check out this Cool video intro I made. There are times when you’ll need to create videos like screen-cast for your blog. One thing that you should keep in mind while creating videos is that you need to make the first 7 seconds of your video interesting enough to keep your viewers watching. andContinue Reading …

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