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What is Fiverr And How You Can Make Money Online With it

The video below explains what Fiverr is in one minute and 39 seconds and how you can make money online using it. What is Fiverr? Besides the fact that fiverr is a way to make money online and is close to getting a job online, In a nutshell, fiverr is 2 things: Fiverr is aContinue Reading …

The Best Ways To Make Money Online (The Only Guide You Need!)

There are many ways to make money online. I created this video to show you the different methods, how it works and how you can make money out of it. if you want to learn how to make money online, this fifteen minute video is for you.

How To Be The Best Freelancer ($4,000 Earned)

Just recently, I posted a guide on how to get a job online and I mentioned odesk as the easiest way to do it. as you can see, I love using odesk but it has been a while since I last checked my profile there though and I was surprised when saw that I amContinue Reading …

How To Make Money Online Writing Articles

Are You looking for a way to make money online writing articles? well, That’s COOL! =D

because today, I hired someone to write an article for me on “how to make money online by writing articles”. I think this would be very useful for you and very much suits this site. after all, this is a “make money online” blog. =D

the good thing about this is – it is written BY: A REAL PERSON = who makes money by writing articles, herself.

there are some drawbacks though, I wasn’t 100% happy with the article she had written for me. it lacks sources on where people should go if they are, looking for ways to make money online by writing articles. I think the copy is also bad and hard to read. (sucks, cause I paid her $10 for this. lol)

Make Money Playing Video Games With Rovio Mobile

Rovio Entertainment is the creator of the popular game; Angry Birds. (I bet you already know what this game is)

anyway, Rovio looks like a very decent and fun company to work on and it would really sound Cool if you are known to be working for them

I recently I stumbled upon their Careers page. There, I found all available job-positions they listed and it amaze me that they have so much openings. What really caught my interest is that they are looking for Video Game Testers. Basically, The Job is to test the quality of Rovio games before it is released to the general public. (you can read more about the job opening here)

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