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Deleting inactive subscribers is not a bad idea

I have this habit of checking my aweber account occasionally for inactive subscribers. inactive subscribers are subcribers who opted in your list and don’t even bother opening your messages. and it’s not a bad idea to delete them for these 3 main reasons: 1. they “may” mark your messages as Spam if a subscriber has been subscribed to your list for too long and does not even bother to open your messages, there’s a big chance that they will forget who you are and mark your message as “spam” 2. they are invaluable to you
as much as I hate to call them junk, that’s really the first thing that comes to my mind. people who don’t read your messages at all proves to be invaluable to you so you might as well delete them from your mailing list. 3. They cost you money this one is probably the best reason why you should delete them. you probably heard about aweber’s monthly fee. They are charging an extra $10 if you reach more than 500 subscribers, $30 for more than 2500 and so on..

Tips for Buying an Email List

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List Building: Why build an Email list for my blog?

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List building: How To Make Money with an email List

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