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Replace UBT Related Posts with YARPP

How UBT shows the ‘related posts’ on the blog simply does not look good and does not go with my expectations. The default UBT related posts , only shows ‘related posts’ based on your post’s tags. to simply put, it will not display the “REAL” related posts on your site or based on the article you’ve just written; but just the one that has the same tags. Try wrting a blog post using UBT and don’t include tags; you’ll see what I mean!

When you say ‘related posts’ it should only show the ‘top posts’ that are related to what your primary post is about. the ultimate blogging theme is a great theme however it failed with this one.

Getting Your Site Hosted on a Dedicated IP

My page rank dropped from PR3 to PR1. there are several factor that ‘could‘ have affected this change. the recent panda update, my inactivity or probably google just doesn’t love my site any more. but one thing is for sure, I am still glad that I still have PR and most of my keywords are still on the same position where I left them. :) Anyway, being an SEO geek as I am, I’ve kept on thinking about the factors that could have caused this. Until I’ve thought about my hosting ip. because I was on a shared hosting account, it’s possible that one of my ‘neighbors’ (websites who are on the same ip as mine) could have been doing some blackhat tactics that google frowns on. not to mention, porn sites, spam sites etc…

How To Make a Mobile Version Of Your WordPress Blog – a Simple & Easy Way!

I’ve been busy today. or Actually, I’ve been busy almost all year due to money-making reasons. but nothing has kept me busier than ever other than my new android phone. I mean, I got so much addicted to it there are also times where I would stay up all night just by playing angry birds, cut the rope and you know, all those fun apps that could be downloaded at the marketplace. =D

Who Else Wants To Get A Job Online?

if you’re one of those ‘Job-less guys’ or ‘guys who got jobs, but looking for other source of income’ then, I have a very cool solution for you. Why not try to Get a Job Online? it’s very easy to start, you don’t need any money to start, you get to decide and choose whenever/wherever you want to work …

Free WordPress Installation and Logo Design Service

Many people would often Plan to start a blog and would never go further other than planning to just do it. one of the most common excuse would be the reason that they don’t know how to make one. According to John chow, One of the most common complaint he hears from potential new bloggers today is the fact that they don’t know how to install WordPress. Terms like FTP and CPanel are like a foreign language to them and setting up a database might as well be setting up the space shuttle for a launch.

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