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Google Over Optimization Penalty: (My Thoughts and How To Avoid It!)

If you’re into  internet marketing, you had probably heard of all these recent talks about google over optimization penalties, de-indexing link networks, search engines focusing more on social signals and all those hooplas. This stuff gets serious especially if you’re an SEO guy. first, I would like to give my thoughts about Over optimization. There’sContinue Reading …

How To Get Your Picture Show Up Next To Google Search Results

Whenever you search for “elie palima” or any other search keywords related to my blog posts, you’ll notice that my picture and a link to my Google+ profile shows up next to it. if you want to do the same with your site, there’s a full instruction from Google that shows you how to doContinue Reading …

How to Make Money With Online Surveys (Step By Step Guide!)

Let’s be frank, almost all of us get those mails which promise us thousands of dollars if we fill in those forms and complete a few simple surveys. The mails sound great but right at the end, there’s a nasty little hook telling you to send money for registration! That is not right and mostContinue Reading …

How To Be The Best Freelancer ($4,000 Earned)

Just recently, I posted a guide on how to get a job online and I mentioned odesk as the easiest way to do it. as you can see, I love using odesk but it has been a while since I last checked my profile there though and I was surprised when saw that I amContinue Reading …

How To Make Money Online Writing Articles

Are You looking for a way to make money online writing articles? well, That’s COOL! =D

because today, I hired someone to write an article for me on “how to make money online by writing articles”. I think this would be very useful for you and very much suits this site. after all, this is a “make money online” blog. =D

the good thing about this is – it is written BY: A REAL PERSON = who makes money by writing articles, herself.

there are some drawbacks though, I wasn’t 100% happy with the article she had written for me. it lacks sources on where people should go if they are, looking for ways to make money online by writing articles. I think the copy is also bad and hard to read. (sucks, cause I paid her $10 for this. lol)

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