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What to do when your Guest Post Links Disappear?

This is a guest post submitted by Noah Mark Rodolfo. If you are an Internet marketer, you probably tried to guest post on other blogs to accumulate inbound links to your site. This strategy is called guest posting and it is one of the best method to increase your search engine popularity. The rules areContinue Reading …

Banner Exchange Programs: The Profitability of Your Online Business

The idea of banner exchange is beneficial in many ways to any online business entrepreneur especially when you have budget constraints. It is a simple way which can help you to reach out your potential consumers without investing anything or very minimal. You can join any banner exchange network by simply submitting your ads to countless of other businesses.

By having a banner exchange program, you make an agreement with any website. As per the agreement the owner of the website will place your banner ad on his website while you place their ad on your site. So it’s basically a barter system of ads, which helps you to get a wide range of consumers to reach at your place via the tied up website(s).

Tips for Gathering Brand Advocates

This post was written by Anna Cruz of Printplace.com You may have many fans and satisfied customers, but do you have brand advocates? The difference is the sphere of influence that one person can have. A valuable brand advocate is someone who is truly devoted to your brand and who has enough power to influenceContinue Reading …

Tips for Marketing to Women on the Web

Experienced marketers know that there are extreme differences in the shopping habits of men and women. These differences are strong enough for marketers to take notice and adjust their marketing when they are targeting women. If your company has made the decision to target women in your marketing efforts, here are some tips to help you do just this.Create an Emotional Connection – Tell a story about your product and how it has made an impression on someone’s life. As the story unfolds, you can evoke an emotional response. That emotional response will last longer and be more affective than an ad filled with technical details.

Should Your Business Engage in Behavioral Targeting?

The idea behind behavioral marketing sounds credible: learn about each individual viewer and customize your website accordingly. Who wouldn’t want that, right? However, some people will tell you that behavioral marketing is not all good. There are problems that come along with this too-good-to-be-true marketing tool. So, how do you know if you should useContinue Reading …

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