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Our Quest Inside The Enchanted Kingdom

Yesterday we decided to visit and experience the magic of the enchanted kingdom – the most popular amusement park in the Philippines. There’s no “make money online” or Internet marketing tip here. Sometimes, it’s good to have some personal touches on your site. The 5 minute video of us is below next:  

What to do when your Guest Post Links Disappear?

This is a guest post submitted by Noah Mark Rodolfo. If you are an Internet marketer, you probably tried to guest post on other blogs to accumulate inbound links to your site. This strategy is called guest posting and it is one of the best method to increase your search engine popularity. The rules areContinue Reading …

How To Make a Mobile Version Of Your WordPress Blog – a Simple & Easy Way!

I’ve been busy today. or Actually, I’ve been busy almost all year due to money-making reasons. but nothing has kept me busier than ever other than my new android phone. I mean, I got so much addicted to it there are also times where I would stay up all night just by playing angry birds, cut the rope and you know, all those fun apps that could be downloaded at the marketplace. =D

OIO Publisher Review

if you’re into selling Private advertising on your blog, then the OIOpublisher plugin is what you need. OIO publisher is The most popular ad manager plugin for Wordpress – for good reasons. it’s very affordable, user-friendly, easy to install/upgrade and They offer 1st class support – Best Ad manager for Wordpress. (you can use it as a standalone too.) Big name Bloggers like John chow, Jonathan Volk and Tyler cruz had already written great reviews about their experience with oio. And I can’t see any reason why more and more blogs aren’t seen with this Plugin installed -it’s a very popular plugin.

How Bloggers Make Money from Blogs

2 years ago when I was totally new to blogging, I was so desperate to learn the different ways that bloggers do to make money from their blogs. you know, the usual question of “how do they do it?” is stuck in my head. it’s funny cause if you also find yourself  in this situationContinue Reading …

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