14 Best wordpress plugins that should be installed on a wordpress blog

wordpress iplugitins the best blogging software available on the web today with millions of users worldwide. these are the plugins I use on this blog and made my life more easier. Take your blogging to the next level with these plugins! ;)

Akismet comment spam protector.

this plugin comes along on default with wordpress when you install wordpress on your blog. never delete this plugin because this is the best spam-comment blocker around. this protect not only my blog for having about 100 spam comments daily, but also millions of bloggers around the world.

All in one SEO pack

mostly known as the “Out-of-the-box SEO for your WordPress blog.” having trouble with The ever so complicated search engine optimazation? let this all in one SEO lugin help you!

Brian’s Threaded Comments

add a “reply to” to somebody who commented on you’re blog. Plus the best part about this plugin is that it automatically Place the message underneath the message of the one that the “replier” posted. this way, it would really be easy to know whom is talking to who.

Exclude Pages from Navigation

Provides a checkbox on the editing page which you can check to exclude pages from the primary navigation. this plugin helps to remove/exclude unwanted pages t appear on the blog’s Navigation bar. this plugin really helps if you have dozens of pages that you want to hide.

Go codes

Helps us create Shortcut urls anywhere on the internet. this means, FREE instant link cloaker! check my post on How to hide affiliate links to learn more about this great plugin.

Google XML sitemap Generator

this plugin automatically generates sitemap for your blog. Sitemaps are very helpful specially when you’re talking about Search engine optimization. when you have a blog, it is always recommended to have a site map. Originally, an xml sitemap usually looks like this in XML form. but on this blog, when you look at my sitemap it looks different and much cleaner. that’s when another plugin should be considered to be install together with Google XML sitemap gen, and I’m talking about. Dagon design sitemap generator.

OIO Publisher Plugin

a plugin that let’s you control Ad space on our blog. it generally helps us bloggers and wordpress users to sell advertisement space on our blog. the Plugin ussually cost around $47 dollars but when you click on my oio publisher link above, you will automatically get a $10 discount, Contact me after buying from my link and I will give you $5 for buying it using my link which will give you a $15 discount.

Optimal title

Mirrors the function of wp_title() exactly, but moves the position of the ‘separator’ to after the title rather than before. this means, it puts your blog’s title at the end of every post title. in other words, this allows your blog’s title at the end of the page instead of having it appear first. for example, instead of it appearing as “Make money online with a teenage dad – How to cloak affiliate links” it would appear as “how to cloak affiliate links <<<make money online with a teenage dad.” something like that. which is usually recommended for better SEO specially for the ones who have a long titled blog,

RSS footer

Allows you to add a line of content to the end of your RSS feed articles. Check out my Feed, notice that every one of my post, when you look at the end, You will see an ©make money online anchored to this blog. well, that’s what basically what this plugin do, Create another line of content beneath our RSS Footer. why is this plugin recommended? have you ever heard about those Plagarist who steals Post using RSS copier softwares? well, that’s the reason to install this plugin, it prevents them from copying your post without even giving a Link back.. anyway, this plugin is also a must have..

Show Top Commentators

my Blogging Idol, john chow, always stress out the use of this plugin, this plugin basically encourage more feedbacks and discussions from readers, in other words, Increase Comments by rewarding them everytime they post on our blog. readers with the most comments are displayed on your wordpress blog with their names linked to their site.

Subscribe To Comments

this allows readers to receive notifications when a reply is posted at their comment. this is just another way to increase comment post on your blog.

WordPress.com stats

Use this to track your wordpress blog/website. this plugin requires wordpress API key however, you can get one when you register at wordpress.com

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Returns a list of related entries based on a unique algorithm for display on your blog and RSS feeds. A templating feature allows customization of the display. let’s you put a variety of Related posts and their links Below each post on your blog. Really helpful for your readers.


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