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Online videos are one of the best ways to make money fast online. Many web surfers would rather watch a video on how to do brochure design or on the best way to introduce yourself to business prospects than to read about it. Plus, if your videos provide relevant information to viewers and are well done, they could push your company into a viral marketing campaign. Sites like YouTube make it easy to start your own video blog, but be sure that you make the most of your videos by following some helpful tips.

1.) Choose a Topic

What are you passionate about? What topic do you know the most about and also want to learn more? The best blogs come from the heart, in a manner of speaking. You do not have to know everything about your topic, just enough that you can easily become an expert with some research. One more point about choosing a topic: be sure it is something that you are capable of videoing.

2.) Sign Up on YouTube

Create an account on YouTube since this is the most popular video site available. If you are creating the blog to help market a business website, then be sure to attach your URL to every video you post. This is probably one of the easiest ways to make money with a YouTube video; just be sure to create a landing page specifically for visitors who arrive on your website from YouTube so that they know they are on the right site. You can also gather information from any subscribers to your video blog and send emails their way.

3.) Gather the Right Equipment

Make sure you have a fairly nice digital video camera if you will be creating blogs of you talking about a subject. You may also want to consider accessories such as a tripod or extra lighting. If your topic involves tutorials in which viewers need to see your computer monitor, you will need to download a streaming video capture software. CamStudio is a free version, or you could try WM Capture 3.0 for less than $40 or liteCam, which is only $19.

4.) Be Professional

Whether your videos will have a humorous touch or will be completely serious, make sure they are professional. The audio in your videos need to be loud and clear, the lighting needs to be just right, and you should look your best. Also, write up a script before recording so that you stay on topic. Most of all, practice your blog over and over until it looks perfect.

5.) Optimize Your Video

Choose the right keywords to include with your video. This way, web surfers searching for your topic will be able to easily find your video. Also, keep in mind that the best videos are short. Although YouTube allows for up to 10 minutes of video time, try to keep yours closer to 3-5 minutes. If you find yourself taking too long, break the subject into two or more shorter videos.

6.) Get Involved with the YouTube Community

Comment on other YouTube videos, but be sure to leave helpful, knowledgeable comments. You can also join groups in your niche. If there aren’t any YouTube groups relevant to your industry, then create one.

7.) Distribute Your Videos

Place your videos on other sites than just YouTube. TubeMogul is an excellent way to distribute your video to multiple sites at once. You can also embed your videos on Facebook or Twitter. Although placing videos on your website can slow down your page load time, you may want to create a page specifically for listing the links to your YouTube videos.

Creating a video blog does take some time, but can be a very low-cost way of making money online. Just be sure to keep adding new content to keep your audience hooked and soon your videos could become the next big thing on YouTube!

About the Author: Anna Cruz writes about marketing, advertising, branding, graphic design and desktop publishing. Anna works for, an online printing company that offers brochure printing, posters, postcards, business cards and more printed marketing media.

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