How To Be The Best Freelancer ($4,000 Earned)

Just recently, I posted a guide on how to get a job online and I mentioned odesk as the easiest way to do it.

as you can see, I love using odesk but it has been a while since I last checked my profile there though and I was surprised when saw that I am about to reach the $4,000 mark in one of my contracts.

What can I say? well, this is a good accomplishment for me. And I am giving a BIG THANK YOU to my employer and odesk for helping me do this. :)

of course, 10% of those earnings had been deducted by odesk. which is OK with me because they are the best freelance portal in the world and to give the fact that The best freelancer is using their platform, you can’t  go wrong with odesk. :D

The Best FreeLancer On The Planet

for the record I am not *THE* best freelancer on the planet. I am just claiming to be. so please, do not put too much attention on my profile. =D

I did this stuff because I am sick and tired of all the generic “titles” that I see on odesk today. (the same goes for boring descriptions)

How To Get That Odesk Job And Become The Best Freelancer That You Can Be

in odesk, your profile is very important because this is where the employers will first look when you apply. if you have something to flaunt, Flaunt it all in there. it will give you a higher interview/hire rate. Of course, I am NOT SAYING that my current profile is a good example of a good odesk profile. in fact, I think it is bad.

a good example of an odesk profile is most likely my sister in law’s. you can check it here. that exact profile allowed her to get 29 freelance contracts in just a year. so if you want to create a good profile, you should definitely check her’s for ideas.

Why it’s good:

  • it looks professional
  • Keywords of the job she is looking for is on the “title”
  • Good overview of her objectives (she included her work experience and flaunted what she can do)
  • takes and pass most odesk skill tests

but all in all, Profiles are just secondary. ie: employers would look at your feedbacks more than your profile. and they would rather search your name in google to find more about you.

I am saying this because this is how my $4,000 employer found me. They googled me first before they requested an interview. That is where having your own website or blog become useful.

Getting Your Own Website is Useful

I am happy because my blog does not only provide extra income opportunity for me. It brings Job opportunities as well. to simply put, it became one of my living portfolios.

When employers comes across my odesk profile, it is clear that they would see my name. they would then become interested and what will happen next is they would google “elie palima” to find out more. of course, elie palima dot com will be the first result to show up.

They would then look at some of my post. When they read them, they would automatically know that I am the one that they are looking for. hence, contact me, Invite me for an interview or offer me the job immediately. (which I do not accept at the moment.)

My point is, it won’t hurt your chances when you start a blog. in fact, it would higher it. if you still don’t have a website then I recommend you start one today. if you don’t know how to make one then you can get my free wordpress installation service.

Take Skills Tests

in addition to getting a high interview rate, you should definitely take the skills tests based on what you can do.

as an example, when I first searched for an odesk job, I was interested to jobs that is related to SEO. that is why I took the SEO skills test and got better results than 90% of SEO’s who are using odesk. this of course led to more interviews and job opportunities – (That I do not usually accept because I am busy)

if you have the time to take the skills test, then I recommend you do it and do your best to answer all the questions correctly. because the higher your score is, the more likely that your profile will show up whenever an employer is searching for people based on skill level.

Apply To As Many Job Postings As You Can

this is not my usual strategy on finding a job because usually employers come to me. However, this would be useful when you’re just starting out.  in odesk, you have a maximum of 20 job postings that you can apply on.

I recommend you apply to as many jobs as you can every week. this will higher your chances of getting hired or interviewed. because 9 out of 10 times, the 10 jobs you’ll apply to, 1-3 employers would be glad to accept and give you an interview.

Write Powerful Cover Letters

there is no point on applying on a job posting if your cover letter sucks.

there are many guides out there regarding cover letters. However, because they are many it is so overwhelming.that is why I am giving you a simple advice when writing one:

The simple trick to writing cover letters is just be yourself; Get rid of all the hooplahs!

if you manage to understand this statement above, then you’ll be able to write a good cover letter. :-)

Get The Proper Work Mindset

Finally, this is the most important part. When your contract is accepted, ultimately what you’ll think about is the money you’ll make.

Let me start of by saying that

it’s not all about the money you make and the number of hours you put in. it’s what you put in the hours.

You have to accept the fact that your employer hired you because he wants you to help him make his business a success; and that is exactly what you should do…

Do not think too much about the money = Focus on Providing value and how you can help your employer. eventually, the money will go after it and will help on building strong relationship with your employer.

This is what I did and it gave me good employer-relationship. in fact, he contributes on my kid’s nanny bills just so I can focus on work for him. and because it has been almost a year now,  I am expecting a pay-raise from him soon. :)

That is the power of getting the proper work-mindset.

if you’re able to get this all together correctly, then you are well on your way in becoming the best freelancer in the world.


  1. Wow this post is a huge impact on me.
    Thanks u so much for sharing this.
    Keep it up! (:

  2. All I can say is your amazing.
    For fun I have signed up with Odesk July last year and I haven’t completed my profile then. But times do change, just this month I seriously decided to look for a freelance job there. I have completed my profile, took some test, and sent numerous application. Sad to say I am not yet hired until now.
    I will apply your tips here for me to land in a contract (hopefully) at Odesk. Keep this up and keep inspiring other people. :D

    • thanks for the feedback. I would love to help you as much as I can to get an odesk job. maybe you can post your profile here or something. I can give you suggestions on what to do/tweak

  3. Sunny Chanchlani says:

    I found your article useful

    *Have a look into my profile :- give me suggestions to get hired.

    • Your profile looks good. but from what I see, you do not apply to as many jobs as you can. (I can see it on the right hand side.) “recent job applications”

      this reduces your chance on getting an odesk job.

      – try my advice…

      Apply to as many job posting as you can. apply to 20 jobs, and 9 out of 10 times you’ll get 6 interviews or more.

      now… the key is to always be there.

      if they gave their contact info (skype, etc…)

      add them…

      if they say wait…. then wait. this sounds super simple but this is one of the biggest mistake contactors make…

      they get a chance to interview but they never show up…

      anyway, I hope I got to the point here. ;)

  4. but i have worked a lot on my profiles on freelancers and o desk and elance but i have got nothing in return. what should i do i am highly enthusiastic to do variety of proects but i have got none. plzz help

  5. Uttam K DAs says:

    Thanks ! Elie, it’s a very helpful article for the new freelancers. I’m also a new comer too. But I’m not new in this era. Your article just reflected your ‘helping mind’ which is an opportunity too for the new comer to learn from the best. Hats up to you………..

  6. Hi. I’m Edna. I’m from Cebu. I find ur site very helpful. Tnx for all the info. I really need ur help guys. I just signed up with EN, went through the whole thing. I just need to know how I can maximize the aweber? I don’t really know how it is of use. I just followed the advise from my upline. Please help. Tnx a lot! God bless!

  7. freelanceaddict says:

    I love your blog, though I was kinda shocked when I saw that your asking price is actually $1,110.00 per hour.

    I actually thought that employers are actually paying you that amount. LOL.

    Anyway, you can check my profile here:


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