15 best blogging advice for those who wants to use blogging for profit

My Top 15 Best blogging advice for bloggers who wants or is already using blogging for profit. follow the tips written here to become a blogging legend! =P

1. Be passionate about what you are / will be blogging about

blogging is not a job. blogging is a hobby and the reason why we do hobbies is because we enjoy doing it. no matter how profitable your blog niche could be – if you do not love what you are doing, there is a big chance that you will not stick to it. if you are going to blog about a topic, make sure that it’s something that you really like to talk about.

2. Get your own Domain name

while you can start a blog using free platforms like blogger.com, I would always recommend to get your own domain name(s). the reason for this is for the blog’s branding and flexibility. these are two core factors to look at if you really want to make lots of money from a blog.

the only downside of getting your own domain is it costs money. but luckily, there’s a cool Site named bluehost who gives out a FREE DOMAIN NAME FOREVER (just pay for hosting).

3. Have a Posting frequency! update your blog

one of the main benefits of having a blog is the ability of the blog owner to update his blog whenever he wants. Search engines loves website that’s frequently updating. one of the best advice I could give you is to decide how often you want to update your blog – have a posting frequency.

do you want to write a post once a week? twice a month? once a year? it’s your choice. ideally, I would suggest that you update your blog daily if you want to make the most out of your blog. doing this would also help to avoid ‘confusion’ of your blog readers.

4. Treat your blog like a regular business

like on any other regular business, we spend time and work hard to Market our products and get people to ‘buy’ from us which afterwards makes us money. The same Goes to blogging and owning a blog. in order for it to be successful, we need to learn how to ‘brand it’ market it heavily. Treat it like a regular business and not – “just a blog”

5. Monetize your blog with multiple sources

“do not put your eggs in one basket” is a very popular way to explain this. The more you monetize your blog, the bigger chance that you’ll make lots of money from it. Check out my recommended blog money maker list to see the different ways I monetize my site.

6. Be Friendly

“you will never make money online – ALONE.” this is one phrase that Has been stuck in my head for many months when I first started my blogging ventures. if you really want to make blogging profitable, you must also make it a habit to Build your connections and relationship with the people around your network. such as, making friends with other bloggers, Replying on comments and emails, Visiting other blogs and leaving a comment, retweet their posts, etc… there are lots of ways to do it.

7. Have basic HTML knowledge

a basic knowledge about HTML could get very handy at some point in your blogging career. you don’t have to be an “expert” in the topic but I would always recommend you to learn a ‘little’ from it. if you have no basic knowledge about html, w3schools.com is one site that I found to be the best source of information to learn html and different areas regarding web development.

8. Learn SEO

Search engines is one of the biggest traffic source of blogs. and I can’t imagine a blogger who is – blogging without any single knowledge about SEO. again, you don’t have to be an ‘expert’ I Just want you to Have basic knowledge about the topic.

Luckily, There is this SEO book (click here to download) which teaches you everything you need to know about Search engine optimization. the book is 100% free and it’s very Easy to understand. frankly, I almost felt like an ‘seo expert’ after reading the whole book. :-)

9. Get a mentor or a coach

Manny Pacquiao wouldn’t have been the pound 4 pound king if it wasn’t for Freddie roach and Michael Jordan wouldn’t have been the greatest basketball player of all time if he wasn’t inspired with Dr. J’s basketball moves. All Champions have mentors. I advice you to get one too.

10. Do not spend money like water

One of the biggest mistake you can make when your blog is already making money is the point where you Spend all your blog’s earnings and you’re left with $0. this is a  VERY wrong way to go. if you really want to make lot’s of money online (even offline) the First thing you need to do is to Learn how to budget your money – RESPONSIBLY. have a budget and know what you can and cannot afford.

11. Always make room for improvement

you are never too big to stop learning. you should always make room for growth. That’s why it’s also good to take certain classes like online courses and ebooks which would further improve your knowledge about what you are blogging about and most importantly – Internet marketing. but again, you should still take in consideration point 10 and know what you can and what you cannot afford.

12. Have Goals for your blog

success first comes with a goal. that’s why I advice you to list down some of the goals you would like your blog to achieve. ideally, it’s much better to set goals for your blog that’s easy to achieve or ‘doable’ at the moment. ie: 1,000 visitors per day, 1,000 subscribers, 5,000 twitter followers, 1 ad spot sold per month, etc.. (based on your blog’s level)

after you’ve achieve these ‘doable goals’ you can then higher them based on what you can do. Remember to always put a “time limit” to your goals. do you want to achieve these in 3 months time? by the end of the month? next year? you decide.

13. never give up

some times you’ll feel that your blog sucks. but if there is a will, there is a way. if there is no will, then certainly – there is no way. When you really want something in your life, the whole world conspires together with you to achieve that goal. When you Quit, You lose! – that’s the difference between winners and losers.

the same also applies to your blog.  when you lose your ‘will’ to achieve the goals, then certainly there’s no way your blog will ever be successful which brings us to point #14.

14. know when to Quit

My philosophy on quitting is very simple. if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing anymore… just quit!

if creating content for your blog just seems to be a lot like a job for you or if Checking your blog’s comments is not the first thing that you like to do in the morning… Just quit Blogging.

15. don’t be afraid to take risks

one thing that will make you stand out from all your competitors is the fact that you are willing to accept certain risk. taking risk is one thing that Most people especially in the real world are mostly afraid of. they are afraid to make mistakes – you shouldn’t. why? mistakes makes us stronger.

it is the mistake that makes us do the right thing. that’s why my advice for you is to LEARN from this mistakes like 32 year old Thomas Edison who made a thousand mistake before he could even invent the light bulb.

The same also applies to blogging. there will come a point when you’ll need to try out something new for your blog like experimenting on getting other traffic sources, advertising, Hiring someone for seo work, Creating a new ebook, Getting an Aweber account and Frankly, Stuffs that will make you LOSE MONEY.

things like these would definitely take your time and money. but when done properly, Certainly it will make you LOADS of money. Never be afraid to take risks and Try something new – Learn from your mistakes.


  1. Wonderful ideas you have here. I will work on them the more

  2. Lot of things ya… btw, I always get difficulty in monitizing my blog that actually have broad scope of topics, can you recom
    end one for me? My blog is there on my name with .com Thanks b4

  3. I believe that your most important advice, although all of them are important, is that you need to be passionate about what you’re doing. Without passion it’s hard to become successful.

    Now, the second most important advice I believe is to get a mentor or a coach. I struggled for a long time on my own, and it’s a lot easier to become successful when you’re spending time with successful people (I’m a member of the Third Tribe by the way).

    Great post.

  4. Very good article. Yes you are right on many topics. Content is king always.

  5. Yet another amazing post by Elie ( as usual)

    Really helpful for newbies like me :-)

    Thanks Elie!

    By the way, do you mind if I do a quick review about your eBook? Don’t worry, I won’t expose the content! :-D

    By the way, where’s the Neobux guide you promised? hehe.

    Anyway, thanks again

    I look forward to hearing more from you!

  6. this is really awesome…learning seo is very essential for success

  7. Great Site SEO to the fullest follow me on http://www.twitter.com/djkingassassin Content is king always.

  8. Wahh, this is cool!

  9. very true. having determination on everything you wanted will help you on top. never give up on trials you might encounter. just like the saying goes, try and try until you succeed. also, think positive is best. nice advices.


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