Recommended Blog Money Makers

The following is a list of ad networks and tools that generates income for my blog. everything I listed here are proven blog money makers and I can guarantee that they all pay in time.

Text link ads

Update 9/13/2010: I just removed TLA on my blog. find out why on this post: goodbye text link ads

this ad network will automatically give you Text-link sales. so far, Text link ads is currently my most favorite blog money maker today since it’s the one that makes my blog the most money. Text link Prices are based on your Alexa rankings, Google page rank (number of incoming links to your site) and RSS count. you Get paid instantly on the 1st of each month with no fees through paypal.

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kontera is an ad network that let’s you monetize your blog without even giving any advertising spot. What happens instead is they turn certain keywords into ads. you make money per impressions and clicks and get paid via paypal when you reach the minimum ammount of $50.

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Google adsense

adsense is an ad network by google which will place relevant ads on your website based on your blog’s content. you make money per single ad-click and 1000 page impressions. Once you reach the minimum payout of $100, you get paid via check.

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Reviewme is an ad network that allows advertisers to buy a sponsored post review on your blog. you make money every time someone orders a review. What I liked about reviewme is the freedom of the publisher’s part to write either a positive or a negative review. the only downside on this program is they won’t accept low traffic blogs with little ammount of links. luckily, I have a guide that will show you how to get your blog accepted on reviewme. ;-)

like text link ads, Review prices will be based on your alexa rankings, google page rank and number of rss readers. note: you can also set your own pricing if you don’t like the current price reviewme has set for you. Payments are sent on the first of every month via PayPal, Check or Reviewme Prepaid MasterCard®.

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OIO publisher direct

OIO publisher is a WordPress plugin that let’s you handle advertising on your blog easily. if you want to sell private advertisements like banners textlinks Sponsred reviews or even your own product to your blog, OIO publisher is the best way to go. it automates the buying process of adspots sold on your blog. it’s currently my most favorite wordpress plugin so far.

with this plugin, advertisers can pay, upload their banners directly to your blog. all you’ll have to do is approve the ad on the wordpress dashboard. another cool thing which I liked about the plugin is it’s ‘affiliate module’ which let’s you start creating your own affiliate program directly to your blog.

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