7 ways to Create blog Content

Lots of blogging tip related sites has talked about ways to Create a blog’s content. some will also teach you “The killer ways”  =D but I want to give information -The elie palima Style!  that’s why I have decided to Cover The different ways that you can use to Generate Content for your blog.

1. Create the Content yourself

so far, This content Generation Strategy is What I Highly recommend. There’s nothing more Greater than a Content written by the real blog owner. The only downside of creating the content yourself is that it takes work and time.

2. Hire someone to do it for you

Bill gates became the richest man in the world and probably one of the most successful. But you know what? He couldn’t have done it without the help of his employees. The fact here is He didn’t became the richest man because he did it all alone. He hired someone for help! – this gave him the time to relax, sit all day and make lots of money while doing it.

Time is as important as money is. The more you hire someone do the work for you, the more time that you’ll save. you get to relax by hiring someone to do the work for you. The only downside of outsourcing is of course, it cost you money.

If you’re interested in hiring writers or any other outsourcing services
here are Recommended places to look:


3. Ask Readers to Write For you

another cool way to Generate content is to ask for a Guest post. Readers Love it when they Get to write on their favorite blog. The only downside of accepting guest post is the post’s quality. Some Guest posters would submit junk content. That’s why it’s best to review the content first before you even accept a Guest post.

Myblogguest is a serviceable forum by anne smarty that’s aimed to finding bloggers who are interested to Guest blog and blog owners needing for new and unique Content for their blogs. Check the site out if you’re looking for guest posters.

4.Use an Auto blogging Software

WARNING: don’t use this strategy on your MAIN BLOG. Instead, I recommend you to create a new blog which is more focused on auto blogging. The Reason behind this is because Auto blogging softwares would just make your site look like a huge spam site.

WP robot is a wordpress plugin I recommend you use for your auto blogging needs. What auto blogging softwares does is it Scrapes up Content from other website’s RSS feed especially Article directories like articlesbase.com

which in return, will give the blog owner New but duplicate content – AUTOMATICALLY. There had been lots of success stories from people who uses autoblogging as one of their income source. When done correctly, Auto blogging may just become one of your best money maker. The only downside of this however is yes. Auto blogs look like Spam/scam/junk sites. :-)

5.PLR (private label rights) articles

another way to get content for a blog is by using PLR (private label rights) articles. You can find them anywhere. Heck. I’ll give you a whole bunch of them right now! (click here to download)

These are Articles that you can use anywhere and place your name as the author like on your blog. Ideally, I much prefer to use them when I’m submitting articles to the top article directories.

the downside of using PLR content is the Duplicate content case. Google Frowns when he sees a duplicate content. A good solution for this is to Re-write the articles or Hire someone to re-write the articles for you.

If you want more PLR articles, Content Whole salers dot com is a good site that I find to be a good PLR article source.

6.Trade articles with other blogs

look for one of your old posts and ask a blogger who blogs on the same niche like you and ask him to trade articles with you. It’s a win-win situation since both blogs would have new fresh content.

7. Re-publish your old posts

There’s a cool feature on wordpress where you have the ability to edit the post’s date. with that option, you can either choose to publish your article on the future or make one of your posts look older and certainly – Republish old articles.

To Republish one of your old articles, Just login to your wordpress dashboard>>>click on posts >>>> look for one of your old article >>> click edit>>> and on the post edit screen, you’ll be able to see the publish option menu:

republish old post on wordpress menu

Set the date on whatever date it is today or any future date you want the content to be published and… BOOM! New Content published. :-)


  1. It’s nice techniques described. Really thank you

  2. good advice. but i rather would want to write my own blog.


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