3 Gurus, services and products That Wasted My Time.

wasted_time-no_shoreDisclaimer: what I wrote here  are all but my Pure opinions Based on my experience. and.. wait! I didn’t totally  wasted my time, part of it was I learned and earned a lot of experience… so, I give a big thank you for the all the “gurus” who are part of this list :)

have you ever been scammed online? or at least, have you ever felt that you got scammed?

you Bought something over the internet which you had believed would earn you lots of money by following a certain system which you thought really works but at the end, you get disappointed and end up wasting your time and money.

I did! :D

When I was a Total newbie (stupid) at the “make money Online” world,  it was sooooo easy for me to fall for “sweet talks” from advertisements, things I see from youtube, and probably anything else on the internet. Which I thought, Would really make me..

Rich! Rich! Rich!  :twisted:

quickly, easily and Automatically.

below, are some of the known “gurus” who Wasted my time.. let’s start with,

1. Brian wynn of The Millionaire League.

the first time I came across brian Wynn was from an advertisement I viewed from neobux. the first thing I noticed on the advertisement was the first phrase on the audio, “give me 2 minutes and I’ll give you dozens of easy automatic systems that will make you money online” (I don’t know if that is the exact phrase). The audio was very catchy.. I almost “fell” on buying the $47 product/membership. I don’t have much money that time so I figured I’ll think about it..so I just sticked to the free ebook he was offering, the so called “license to print money” system that promises automatic and easy income. and that’s the product which literally just Wasted my time.

wow. I can’t believe it! I checked my Hard drive and yep! The ebook is still HERE!! :D now this is a good way to give you an example of the product that wasted my time.

if you wanna see the e book that wasted my time, view it by clicking here. (opens up in new window)

and I actually Printed out the whole e book (as it was stated there) which was completely a Waste of time! ha! :D

How it wasted my time: for the sake of not making this post so darn long, just view the e book stated on the link above and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

How it wasted my money: believing so much at the product, I actually bought 2 domain names at Godaddy DOT com.. again, read the ebook to understand where I’m getting at.. ;) which was suppose to create a  “link cloaker” which I then found out was really useless and just a waste of my money! whick could have been totally free, at link cloaker services online available like this one and many other ways possible..

I wasted $18.. *tsk *tsk.. the domain names I bought was, 11montage11.com and pspdownloadcenter.com, (they will be expiring soon this coming january).

if you Go to the millionare league now, You’ll see the website is no longer available the (I can’t imagine why.. *lols) and now he is selling another “nonesense” Product which is called Secure income systems Which is undoubtedly once again, is USELESS… I mean, come on.. he sold a useless product once, there comes the reason he will do it again the 2nd time around.

2. Email sending Jobs DOT com

seriously, when I bought the product, all it teaches is to send emails to anyone with your affiliate link.. and that’s it. :D  stupid information is worth $5..

3. Bux.to

the biggest scammers online. this site owes me $15. they promise payments and never pay their members. you can see lot’s of angry members at their forums, I strongly suggest never join this site.

My advise:

instead of wasting your time with these websites, Why notStart a blog and make money instead? ;)


  1. Thank you for preventing me from making these mistakes.

  2. With the new FTC laws and regulations inputted by Google recently, the advent of such incidences should technically decrease, but you’d never know, we still have to be wary. Thanks for the warning! =)


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