3 Comment tips That you can do right now to Make your Blog Comments more Cool than others.

after browsing through the comments from my last post, “My best blog marketing tip” I noticed that Most of you who commented still Haven’t done something to personalize your comments yet, like signing up for a gravatar account or even placing your website address on the comment form.

I highly appreciate the comment/feedbacks you gave there and I understand you’re supporting me for the contest. however, I thought about that there will also be a “slight” chance that the “contest judges” would think that your comments are fake. :-)

what we want is to “prove” to the sponsors and judges that you guys are “human”. now, you might be wondering how are we going to do that.. right? it’s simple. By making our blog comments even more Cool! :-)

Disclaimer: I’m not doing this because I think your comments looks “lame” nor I want to make your comments  look “cool.”

I’m simply doing this since this tutorial is basically one of the most common important step you’re going to do eventually especially if you’re interested to start a blog and make money from blogs and I completely understand that most of my readers are new to blogging and I think this simple tutorial is also going to be one of the key factors to help you out and get you “ready”. ;-)

With that said, here are the quick comment tips that you can do right now That’ll Gradually Make your blog Comment stand out from the rest. ;-)

1. Always add a “Website” to the comment form

Just because the form is asking for a “website” doesn’t mean that you should have a “website” to type in there. you can still put any links you want in it like a link to your Facebook/multiply/friendster Profiles. to give you a more detailed explanation, here are some examples:

  • Facebook:“http://www.facebook.com/eliepalima”
  • Multiply:“http://www.eliepalima.multiply.com”
  • Twitter: “http://www.twitter.com/elie_palima”

Why do this? – not only that it will make your comment look more “cool” but it will also Give other blog-commenter and the site’s admin a better chance to get to know you and connect with you. which is also one of the main point on blog commenting. every time you’re going to comment on a blog, remember to always type in a “website url” for each comment you make.

2. Get a Gravatar

Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog.

When you first make a comment on this blog, and you still haven’t signed up for a Gravatar account yet(it’s free to sign up btw) your blog comment “avatar” on this site would most likely look like this:

However, if you’re already a Gravatar user, Your comments would most likely be lively by having your own photo/image as your avatar. This is a good thing especially when you’re promoting something like your website or product for example, Upload your own Photo and most likely People who’ll see your comment would most likely trust you since photos simply proves that “your human.” :-)

if you don’t have a gravatar account yet, I highly suggest you Sign up for one and upload your own photo or any image that will represent you. again, it’s 100% free and you’ll only need a valid email address to sign up.

3. People loves to hear your opinion. Give it to them!

The main point on adding a comment is all about letting other people know what you think by sharing your thoughts and opinion. Writing a simple Phrase like “wow. great post” is not enough and there’s also going to be a chance that your comment could be filtered as spam.

Don’t be afraid to share your opinions. COMMENT. ;-)

Remember, these are 3 tips that you can implement RIGHT NOW. so if you’re ready, please take your time to comment below this post. (I want to know how you did!) :D

Side note: I’m thinking about the people, who Posted a comment on “my best blog marketing tip ever” post who never had the chance to add their website url, Anyways, if you’re one of those guys, I’ll be contacting you pretty soon and ask you if it’s ok for you to post your facebook profile as a website. :-D

again, Don’t forget to comment below and let the world see how you’ve done. ;-)


  1. Good advice. I’m especially happy that I joined Gravatar. It works great and lets you brand yourself even on other peoples’ websites. Plus, the default image just doesn’t look that good.

    Adding a link is always important if you’re trying to promote anything!

  2. Hey elie,

    Nice Post. I think Gravatar Is very Important part. Blog commenting is one of the easiest way to get targeted traffic to your blog/site, if done in correct manner.
    Thanks for sharing this great Post. Good Stuff elie.


  3. Thank you for the “Cool” comment guys. =D

  4. Great! thanks for sharing the post elie!

  5. hi Eli

    thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your article. It really keeps me focused. Will try the Gravatar out by turning myself into “Avatars”.

  6. thanks for sharing. simple yet effective..

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